Inspiring Stories – An Interactive Online Series

Partnering with IslamiCity, a global Muslim e-community, The Guibord Center
brings together people with diverse spiritual backgrounds to share their perspectives
on a range of topics. Their personal stories are both uplifting and inspiring.

Interfaith Discussions

Hearing leaders from other faiths helps deepen our understanding of the Divine.
These dynamic interfaith conversations enrich our spirituality by teaching us about our neighbors as well as ourselves.

A House of Prayer for All People

To celebrate St. John’s Cathedral as a House of Prayer for All People, interfaith leaders from The Guibord Center Advisory Council exchanged prayer books from their faith traditions with the Cathedral deans.

Faith and the Environment

Faith traditions share a common view regarding humankind’s responsibility to care for the environment, drawing on their sacred texts to inform right action.

Finding God in the City of Angels

Awardwinning filmmakers Jennifer Jessum and Simon J. Joseph, PhD, take us on an interfaith tour. We look at the many faces of faith in Los Angeles – one of the most religiously diverse cities in the world.