Interfaith Multicultural Families

The Leading Edge: An Interactive Online Event - October 4, 2020

Interfaith multiracial families form a rapidly growing population in the United States. As our nation struggles with conversations about religion, race, identity and privilege, they offer unique perspectives and face special challenges. What can we learn from these families? How can we help their children build healthy self-esteem? How can employers, schools and religious leaders learn from and support them?

The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out hosted The Leading Edge: Interfaith Multiracial Families, an interactive online event, on Sunday, October 4.

In these videos, you will hear from two keynote speakers and a panel of multi-faith, mixed-race couples. They explore the issues they face in a society that often doesn’t understand them.

  • Choosing our own spiritual path as we mature as individuals, couples and families
  • Navigating dating, the early years of marriage, and child-rearing–the important questions to talk about together
  • Raising kids in one religion, two religions, a third religion or no religion
  • Helping kids (and those who work with them) understand what identity and community look like for people who “check more than one box” for religion and race
  • Helping children build a positive identity and supportive friendship networks

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Conversations with Moderator Tahil Sharma

The Panelists