Dr. Jennifer Noble

Sep 17, 2020

Jennifer Noble, PhD, or “Dr. Jenn,” is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology who specializes in adolescents. She is also a teen parent coach as well as an associate professor of psychology. Dr. Jenn has a private practice in Los Angeles where she works with mixed race teens and adults, parents of mixed race teens, women of color and other marginalized groups. She is excited to have created an online coaching program for parents of mixed race teens in order to reach parents across the nation who want to learn how to show up for their mixed race teens.

As an advisory board member and former past president of Multiracial Americans of Southern California, Dr. Jenn has been advocating for the mixed race community for many years. Dr. Jenn uses psychology for social justice – her passion is to work toward equality for all marginalized and oppressed people.


Speaker, The Leading Edge: Interfaith Multicultural Families