Fire is an important symbol in Zoroastrianism


By Maneck Bhujwala, Zoroastrian Advisor to The Guibord Center

Zarathushtis (Zoroastrians) believe in one supreme God, Ahuramazda (Wise Lord), who has created everything with wisdom, and maintains creation with a law of righteousness, justice, mercy, love, and kindness. God is considered a friend of humankind, who were given the faculty of reasoning and freedom to choose.

Prophet Zarathushtra (known as Zoroaster by ancient Greek philosophers) is estimated to have lived over 4,500 years ago in eastern Iranian lands. He taught his followers to listen to his guiding principles and about right and wrong, the twin and opposite mentalities of good and evil. Zarathushtra also taught believers meditation to understand his teachings. They learned how to choose righteous action with rational thinking (instead of blind faith), and face the consequences of their choices.

Zarathushtra also taught about equality of all men and women, taking good care of God’s creations, and resurrection of all creations to a perfect state at the end of time.