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Zoroastrianism 101


Maneck Bhujwala, a Zoroastrian priest and Advisor to The Guibord Center, introduces the audience to “Zarathusti”, the name by which Zoroastrians refer to their religion. One of the oldest early religions still practiced in modern times, Zarathusti traces its roots back 4000 years to Persia.

How does an ancient religion fit into modern-day society? And how did followers of Zarathusti keep it alive throughout the millennia of struggles with other emerging religions?

Maneck Bhujwala, born in India, has an MSEE, MBA, and M.A. in Interfaith Action. He has co-founded Zoroastrian Associations in Southern and Northern California and represents Zoroastrian community at interfaith events.

Maneck has served on the Stanford University Associated Religions board, is past-president of the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council, a Board Member of the South Coast Interfaith Council, the North American Interfaith Network, Board of Directors of the World Zoroastrian Organization, and Co-Chair of the Interfaith Activities and Research/Preservation Committee of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America.

He writes articles in news media, and gives talks at schools, radio, TV, interfaith and Zoroastrian conferences, and serves Parsi and Iranian communities as a volunteer priest.