A realization is dawning throughout the world today that violence against women and girls is taking a terrible toll on every aspect of society.

The Guibord Center addresses the distortions of our many sacred texts by individuals and cultures using them to justify the demeaning and abuse of women and girls. We focus on those texts across multiple faiths as well as the many teachings and practices that uphold the sanctity of women and the Feminine.

We invite people of faith everywhere to join us in confronting the misreading of texts and restoring them to their appropriate context, upholding the sanctity of both men and women.

The Bible, Women & Violence


Dr. Amy Jill Levine leaned on the altar, kicked off her heels and plunged into a topic she was eager to tackle.

“ANY TIME the Bible gives rise to something that’s violent – that’s a misuse of the text!… To hold the Bible in one hand and to engage in violence with the other is both a sin and an obscenity. That should be pretty clear.

Saving Grace

A Faithful Response to Violence Against Women and Girls

First launched in 2014, this powerfully transformational, large community event was created
with great care over many months by The Guibord Center team, including our women advisors
from multiple faiths. Additional outreach into the women’s community provided appropriate
resources for those seeking help.


Men of Faith
Speak Out

A Public Service Announcement

Violence against women and girls will not end until men speak out, until fathers speak to their sons and to their grandsons and to their friends and to other men. We wanted their voice in Saving Grace, but needed to create a safe space to protect the vulnerability of the women present. So this piece became a film.


Women of Faith Speak Out

Women Faith Leaders representing Judaism, Christianity, Sikhism,
Islam, Baha’i, Brahma Kumaris, and Hinduism
speak out to reclaim faith on behalf of women and girls.

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