Healing Dance

Calling forth healing, blessing and empowerment for our courageous sisters.

Women of Faith Speak Out

Women of faith speak up to reclaim the rightful place of women in Jewish, Sikh, Christian, Muslim and Baha’i sacred texts.

Men of Faith Speak Out

Three generations applauded for speaking out to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls

||What am I? And Why did God put me Here?||

“Violence against women and girls, against those of us who are no different from any other human being, has to stop. It has to stop.” -Chaplain Brenda Threatt

Ritual Dance

Invoking healing and purification.

Beloved Child of the Holy

Wrapped in the blessing of white shawls each wearer is reminded “I am a beloved child of the Holy. Always.”

Wrapped in Healing

Each member of the audience receives a blessing while being wrapped in healing and forgiveness.

Purifying Fire

Releasing old hurts, fears, misconceptions and whatever separates us from the Holy to the purifying fire.


The audience is drawn together as one community of caring.


A joyful celebration of new hope and healing.

Resources and Support Offered

Left to Right: Patti Giggans, Executive Director of Peace Over Violence, The Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord, and Audrey Salzburg, Managing Director of A Window Between Worlds, representing organizations offering resources and support to victims of abuse.

“Such an honor and tremendous healing spirit. Thank you to all the beautiful women representatives, The Guibord Center, and to everyone who showed up in person and in Spirit.”

Jennifer Klisak

“That was a tremendously empowering event. I was moved by the passages our religious leaders shared with us, by the joy and healing of Swing Brazil, and by the courage of my fellow storyteller — sharing her personal experience for the first time. I was also glad to meet fathers and sons from the powerful PSA. Thank you for a great experience!!”

Helena Lazaro

“Such a moving event. I felt blessed to be there and prayed for all those we know who have been dishonored.”

Ann An Phoung Nguyen

“Amazing and healing. I want to thank the musicians, also, especially the sister who kept the heartbeat going even during the most emotional stories told tonight.”

Noor-Malika Chishti

“It was such a beautiful event! I had tears just listening.”

Gloria Flowers


Kay Virbila