Grace Rising

A powerful voice is rising that meets misogyny without flinching, without apology or shame, without backing down.

We rise together as individuals and communities, women and men of all colors, faiths and backgrounds, to proclaim the sanctity of the Feminine in all people.

We say to those who would intimidate, injure or exploit the vulnerability of any being: “No More!”

Grace is rising and revealing the real Pocahontas

Grace is rising and revealing the real Pocahontas

In 1837, the United States Congress commissioned a painting.  It was to be a large historical work and it was to be hung in one of the most visible places possible, the Capitol rotunda. It was called "The Baptism of Pocahontas." It depicts Pocahontas, still the most...

A glimpse of Saving Grace

Our upcoming event Grace Rising, taking place Saturday, Feb. 23 at St. John's Cathedral, continues and builds on our 2014 event, Saving Grace. Grace Rising will be an immersive evening of healing, truth telling and empowerment for all people through music, dance and...