These hearts may be purchased in quantities from 10 to 150+ through these vendors: 

An Idea is Born

The idea of the Take Heart Project began when it struck me that every day, we’re dealing with forces that tug at our emotions, filling us with anger and resentment, fear and pain, pulling us away from trusting our own hearts – our own deep knowing of what’s right and wrong – what’s simply “good.” 

We created The Guibord Center with the intention of helping every person discover and claim the part of themselves that is connected to something bigger than themselves, something inherently good. So when we’re connected to that part of ourselves, it’s good for everyone.

“How can we help people get in touch with their heart, to appreciate their own kindness as well as the kindness of others?” I asked myself.

Suddenly, I knew.  We’d give each person a beautiful little heart carved from semi-precious stones as a reminder of their own heart — an object small enough to slip into their pocket. During the day, their fingertips will remind them of the wonder and beauty of their own heart. The weight and feel of it in their hand, the sheen of the stone in the light, might bring back the spirituality known in childhood.

Take a Heart and Pass One Along

When I think about the hate speech and violence that bombards us, I realize that we need to do more to counter it. Embracing one’s heart is not enough. People need a way to recover and heal from the meanness of spirit that is constantly poisoning us. 

So, in addition to the personal heart, we also want to give people hearts to pass on to others. Because the best way to center in our hearts is by reaching out to someone else, we have created a way to pass on the blessing.  We’ll be giving out hearts to each person attending live events in 2024.

The Guibord Center’s Take Heart Project will get you started. Now, it’s up to you and your heart to help move it forward to reach as many hearts as possible.


Dr. Lo Sprague

While the stone hearts are lovely,
you don’t need to purchase hearts to participate in the Take Heart Project.

You can make your own hearts to share.

You can draw them and cut them out.
Or, if you like, you can sew or stitch them
or even carve them out of wood if you do it safely.

You can get your kids involved.
Your friends and neighbors.
Make it a fun project to do together.

Share your ideas and stories.
Images and adventures.
Let’s do it together
as we make
the world a little kinder.

We would love to hear from you! Share your #TakeHeart story on Instagram and make sure to tag us @guibordcenter.   OR, use the form below to share your story and upload a photo or two. We’ll share these stories on our website and on Social Media. 


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