Beyond the Veil: Life After Death Part 2

The Guibord Center’s Interfaith panel discussion on life after death took place in two sessions: morning and afternoon. The afternoon session offered the perspectives of the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh traditions.


Venerable Miao Hsi from Hsi Lai Temple explained that we should not speak about death with elderly people or during celebrations. Dying is not quick; it is a process during which we are aware of what is happening but unable to communicate. Death is not something we should fear, nor is it the “grand finale.” Life is Karma we share with others here on earth.


Swami Sarvadevananda spoke of sleep as being a “little death.” The mind, which exists in the dream world, continues into the next life after we leave this body. We are not limited by the body we inhabit, but instead by our Karma and how we live our lives. We can view death as an experience that takes us to another life.


Nirinjan Singh Khalsa spoke about how Sikhs view death and dying. Sikhs are taught not to fear death so that they can live life fearlessly. The goal is to serve God and people and to learn from every experience. By doing so, you’ll reach the point where you no longer are reincarnated but can become one with God.

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