Blog Posts: Faith and the Environment

Sikhism and the Environment

Since its start in the late 15th century, the Sikh religion has been built on the message of the ‘oneness of Creation.’ Sikhism believes an almighty God created the universe. God is responsible for all of nature and the elements.

A Buddhist Understanding of Nature

Buddhists believe that all life is interrelated and interdependent. Nature, or our natural environment, is alive and at least partly conscious. It is not sacred and perfect, or evil and to be conquered. Nature’s deep reality is part of Buddha-nature—our nature when we reach full enlightenment.

Nature and the Buddhist Path to Enlightenment

Nature as wilderness is important to Buddhists because it provides a place where rapid progress in Buddhist practice, or self-cultivation, can be made. Nature grounds us and can soothe us. Unspoiled natural locations, usually places in the wilderness where the natural energies are peaceful, are the ideal places for Buddhist practice.

The Bahá’í­ View of the Environment

For over 20 years, the Bahá’í­s of the United States have worked with others to advance environmental awareness and sustainable development. Much of the inspiration for doing so comes from the Bahá’í­ sacred writings, which are imbued with a deep respect for the natural world and for the interconnectedness of all things.