The Filming of People of Faith Speaking Up
for Animals and Compassion

by Dr. Lo Sprague

The Guibord Center recognized that the voice of faith has been missing from most of the conversations about animals and their treatment. We decided to do something to change that. At our annual fundraising dinner in 2017, The Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord made the commitment to create a small film that Animal Defenders International could use to finally bring the voice of our many faiths into the conversation. She took the idea to The Guibord Center’s Advisory Council and they agreed whole-heartedly.

It began as simply as that…

“Animals, Faith and Compassion” The Journey Begins

by Dr. Lo Sprague The Guibord Center’s Advisors were wildly enthusiastic and began an unexpectedly earnest conversation about what our various faiths’ teachings have to offer to the full spectrum of concerns for the well-being of animals. Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips,...

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Phase One: The Filming – The Project Begins in Earnest

In the last 14 days of February, a tiny, five person film crew representing The Guibord Center traveled to 12 different sacred sites within 15 locations in and around Los Angeles where we loaded and unloaded hundreds of pounds of equipment in order to interview 26 people and 4 dogs

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Day One Filming – St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral

by Dr. Lo Sprague Father Dan Ade, Dean and Rector and Father Mark Kowalewski, Dean and Rector St. John’s Cathedral is home to many of The Guibord Center’s events. That made it a good place to start the filming for Animals, Faith and Compassion, bringing the voices of...

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Day Two Filming – The Zoroastrian Center, Westminster

by Dr. Lo Sprague The sun had barely risen when I packed the car with groceries for Day Two of shooting. One of my jobs would be to provide all the meals and a supply of substantial snacks each day. Filming is hard work. There is no time for a leisurely meal. I’d take...

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