How humans see and treat animals comes from what is learned from others: our parents, our peers, and our faith traditions.

ANIMA: Animals. Faith. Compassion., a film project created for our strategic partner Animal Defenders International,  brings the voice of faith to the conversation on animals.

The short film has been selected for the 2019 Animal Film Festival.  Watch Now!

How Different Faiths See Animals 

 Animals are part of God’s Creation. What is our role and responsibility in the lives of animals? What is their place in our lives? 
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, a great Hindu saint, is pictured here in the forest of Jarikand where his chanting so inspired the animals that they all came out in the open to chant and dance with him. The painting is high on the walls of the Temple of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness in Culver City, California.

Anima: Animals. Faith. Compassion.

“A viewer of this film is likely to come away with a renewed appreciation
for all of God’s creatures and a new understanding of our relationship to them.”

Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos, Associate General Secretary,
National Council of Churches USA

Making “Animals and Compassion” Behind the Scenes

From concept to completion, this project quickly became one of the most complex undertakings to date for The Guibord Center.

Partnership with Animal Defenders International

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is respected throughout the world
as a premiere organization that seeks to end the suffering of animals by
addressing a remarkably broad spectrum of abuses.