David Partida

Apr 1, 2021

David Partida is an arts educator for P.S. Arts, a nonprofit organization serving students in underrepresented communities. He teaches visual arts to students from pre-K through middle school and to adults. In addition, he coaches elementary and middle school teachers in arts integration. David holds a degree in La Raza Studies from San Francisco State and a California teaching credential, and is pursuing a master’s degree in art education.

He currently leads the Southern California chapter of Xiuhcoatl, an Aztec dance group that preserves and teaches Meso-American traditions. David also plays with Son del Sereno, a jarocho music and dance group that preserves and promotes folk music from Veracruz, Mexico. He has served on the boards of nonprofits focusing on issues ranging from equity in education to tenant rights.

Storyteller, Healing Our World: Facing Climate Change