Volunteers and Folks Behind the Scenes

No organization can thrive without the wonderful folks who keep things running behind the scenes.
Their efforts enable us to maintain the standard of graciousness, generosity and professionalism that is the mark of all Guibord Center events.
Some of those listed here are part of our paid team. They are listed here because their time and dedication towards making our events successful goes far, far beyond the limits of their hours.
We are grateful to everyone who has joined with us in building a new vision of community enriched by diversity and imbued with compassion.

Thank you.

Brian Batchelder
Christine Budzowski
Laura Capps
Margaret Cargill
Teddie & Paul Foreman

Mary Gleason
Nan Gold
Jennifer Jessum
Joan Keavy
Mary Kirchen

Matt Leum
Lori Margaret
Marium Mohiuddin
Ann & Michael Mulvihill
Martha & Arnie Ree

Lana Sremba
Joe Tamas
Fernando Valdez
James Wen
Robin Wilson
Don Young