Moira-Cecily Brady-Rogers

Moira-Cecily Brady-Rogers is a Duke University Integrative Medicine–trained integrative health coach with extensive experience as a licensed marital and family therapist, spiritual director and yoga teacher. With the 2015 launch of Alive and Well Women, she started something she wishes had existed 25 years ago as she began finding her own path toward being alive and well. Alive and Well Women is a nonprofit organization that empowers women to practice and support one other in compassionate self-care and inspires them to authentic self-love and positive female identity development.

As a therapist, coach, spiritual companion, teacher and mentor, Moira-Cecily brings her own past suffering, healing, and rediscovery of inherent Belovedness, goodness and power to those she journeys alongside. She believes that our symptoms, coping behaviors, and relational challenges all reflect our struggle to love and be loved. We are created by love, for love, to love, and when our basic need for a sense of our Belovedness wasn’t adequately nourished in early childhood, our disordered states and destructive patterns show up to call us back to Love.

Along with the programs offered through Alive and Well Women, Moira-Cecily provides individual therapy, coaching and spiritual direction services. She has a special affinity for women recovering from #MeToo related traumas, post-evangelical Christians and spiritual seekers who believe in a Love that is far greater than any religious or spiritual tradition and will do for us what we can’t do ourselves – and who want that belief to be an integral part of therapy. She is a clinical member of the California Association of Marital and Family Therapists and the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. 

Speaker, Praying With Our Bodies