Faith At The Table (FATT)

How does chanting a mantra bring a person, a group, or even the world into greater harmony?   What are some of the challenges and benefits of being in an interreligious marriage? How does your faith inform your engagement with current issues? In Christian baptisms, what’s the difference between “the sprinkle” and “the dip”?!

We discuss all kinds of issues at Faith At The Table, The Guibord Center’s monthly dinner and interfaith dialogue program for young adults ages 18 to mid-30s.  Launched in February 2018, Faith At The Table meets at different sites all over greater Los Angeles to share a delicious vegetarian meal and dig into all kinds of questions about our spiritual beliefs and practices.  Occasionally, we have a speaker, but our conversation is driven by the questions that participants bring to the table.  Past events have included discussions about:

  • Paganism
  • Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism
  • Practices that lead to Self-realization
  • Politics and social justice
  • Intersections of sexual, gender, and religious identity

Two of our events this year have been intergenerational, with participants ages 12 to 80 talking about interfaith dating and marriage, and the rituals we practice when coming of age in our faith traditions.

Good food. Honest questions and answers. Lively, meaningful conversation. 

The Covid pandemic ended live gatherings and conversations over a meal, resulting in many programming changes. If you are interested in reviving Faith at the Table for your group or would like to participate in any way, please contact Lisa Patriquin for more information.