Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Spirituality
with John Philip Newell

Embracing the Sacredness of Earth, Ourselves and One Another

March 1, 2022
7:00 – 8:30 pm
St. Paul’s Commons
Echo Park, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

Live streamed via YouTube

What would it be like if we lived in a world where all living beings were viewed as sacred? Where we recognized God in the face of every newborn child? And truly understood each of us to be filled not with sin, but with grace?

Where we saw the Earth and matter as alive with divinity?

And accepted that people become dangerous not because they are evil, but because they are wounded?

Where rather than competing, different religions respected and enriched each other’s depths?

Join John Philip Newell in this exploration of the world of Celtic Spirituality, which will open your heart as well as your mind.

A note about the Peace Cranes decoration above the speakers’ heads:

The Great Hall of St. Paul’s Commons, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles center in Echo Park, displays thousands of handmade origami cranes. This display is part of a project of Nikkei Progressives, a group of Southern California Japanese Americans who support Tsuru for Solidarity. TFS is an initiative that advocates for immigrant communities and asylum seekers. In 2020 the groups protested U.S. government camps inhumanely detaining migrant children and adults. These detentions echo the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. The cranes have been a reminder of peace and hope throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.