The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out is an interfaith, educational, California-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people and institutions together in ways that change the ethos of the City of Los Angeles and – through the internet – the World.

The Rev. Dr. Gwynne M. Guibord, founder of The Guibord Center, has brought together more than 30 widely-respected religious leaders to form the Advisory Council. These remarkable leaders have joined with her to reclaim the positive power of religion and spiritual integrity to challenge the distortions that shame and divide us and to affirm the deep patterns that inspire and connect us one to the other.

The Guibord Center has already created different types of events to achieve these goals:

1. Large Community Events and Concerts bring people of many faith and spiritual traditions together in deep experiences of the Holy such as The Inaugural Event: “Breaking the Barriers”,  “Finding Hope in the Holy,” a faithful remembrance of the 10th Anniversary of  9/11, and “Saving Grace: A Faithful Response to Violence Against Women and Girls”.

2. The Special Speakers Series presents cutting edge leaders of great heart and wisdom who challenge assumptions and open fresh access to the Holy. Along with many other equally provocative speakers, Phil Goldberg brought us an appreciation of Hinduism with “How Indian Spirituality Changed The West,” author Brian McLaren challenged us to re-imagine “Christianity in a Multi-faith World” and Choctaw Elder Steven Charleston taught us to experience “Honoring Earth” in the tradition of Native People.

3. The Religion 101 Series – Religion from the Heart includes getting to know the basic about our various faiths and then delving deeper through Sacred Texts in Sacred Places and Decoding Rituals and Symbols which are events that have gone out into the community to the many different places of worship throughout the Los Angeles area to learn about our neighbors’ traditions in their temple, church, gurdwara, mosque, ashram or other sacred place. These events are taught with warmth, humor and humility by religious leaders on the Advisory Council. Other efforts include the development of materials for the website and Facebook and collaboration with other educational institutions.

4. Interfaith Panels provide opportunities to listen to leaders across faiths engage in dynamic conversations about common concerns and the various ways of viewing them through different spiritual traditions. Such conversations deepen our understanding of one another and of our own spirituality.

5. Initiatives addresses the areas we are identifying where The Guibord Center is uniquely positioned to have a special role and responsibility. Right now the two most important of those areas are: “Faith, Women and Violence” where we speak directly to the misuse of scripture across faiths to justify the on-going violence against women and girls through special programs, appropriate resources and networking, public service announcements and research placed on the website; “Children and Youth” our second area of special focus is where we are working to develop programs that identify and support the place of spirituality in sustaining and enriching the lives children and youth and includes the opportunity to reach across faiths to build friendships and community that will better prepare them to enter the growing diversity of the future.

The Funding

Many people have asked where our funding comes from. It comes from people such as you. The Guibord Center began in November 2010 with a small group of individuals who believe deeply in the work and have invested their own money in the early days of our development.

The Guibord Center is unique.  Its primary purpose is the creation and nurturing of relationships that are rooted and fed in an interfaith community of spiritual respectfulness and integrity. The Guibord Center is constantly doing those things that invite the experience of the Holy to shine forth to heal and inspire. Actions follow from experience.

We are approaching a number of local foundations for support. As we reach out to aligned organizations, we remain committed to the position that all of our programs will be open to the public and free of charge and, further, that they will all be photographed and filmed and made available via our website and Facebook.

This is a tremendous labor of love: a gift to the people and institutions of Los Angeles and beyond. If you are moved by the work of The Guibord Center and are able to make a contribution or connection, please let us know, we would love to speak with you.

Online donations may be made using PayPal

Mail Donations to:

The Guibord Center
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