Rev. Angie Buchanan

Rev. Angie Buchanan, an Advisor to The Guibord Center, is a Founder and the Spiritual Director of Earth Traditions, a Pagan church. She also founded Gaia’s Womb, an interfaith spirituality group that has been producing women’s spiritual retreats for over 20 years. A certified death midwife, she developed and teaches a certification course that provides hands-on, intensive training for compassionate end-of-life care and information on ecologically sensitive funerals ( She currently serves as the pagan student spiritual advisor at the University of Chicago.

Rev. Angie has been involved with numerous organizations that promote interfaith dialog and peace. In addition, she is a longtime activist for religious freedom, women’s rights, and First Amendment protections. In 2014, she was inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr., International College of Ministers and Laity, at Morehouse College.

Speaker, Pagan Spirituality: When the Voice of the Divine is Female
Speaker, The Dance of Life: Pagan Spirituality
Storyteller, Inspiring Stories: Navigating Grief