Michelle Mekky

Jun 2, 2022

Michelle Mekky is an award-winning broadcast journalist and public relations executive and a passionate advocate for interfaith issues.   The daughter of immigrants from Poland and Ireland, she is married to an Egyptian Muslim.  Michelle was raised in a very observant Jewish family, attending a private Jewish school in her elementary years and learning fluent Hebrew.

While working for the Israeli Tourist Office in Chicago as Director of Public Relations, Michelle met her now-husband who came into the office to sell a new computer system. Her husband was born in the US but was raised most of his childhood in Cairo as a practicing Muslim.

They are now married for almost 23 years and have two kids aged 20 and 18, whom they raised to honor both of their religions from a cultural perspective, with a high level of respect and compromise. Michelle often jokes that her kids are the future peacemakers of our world. 

Storyteller, Inspiring Stories: Raising Kids in Interfaith Families