Kaveri Singh

Jun 9, 2020

Kaveri Singh is a Los Angeles-based artist who has worked with leading designers from around the world. Her work adorns historic estates such as the Greer Mansion, the Brody House, and the LA Conservancy’s Dominguez Wilshire restoration. Kaveri grew up in India surrounded by art and creative expression. At age 17, she went to Europe to study art.

The merging of Eastern and Western traditions has become the common thread throughout her art. It led to one of Kaveri’s most significant projects: a Sacred Murals project in Sarnath, India, depicting the life of the Buddha. The concept was to portray the visible world as a mirror of the spiritual domain. In this light, the merging of styles, traditions, and myths speaks to fundamental human responses to harmony and beauty — a concept that is all about inclusion, and that infuses all her work.

Storyteller, Inspiring Stories: Navigating Grief