Kahlil Gibran In Search of a Prophet
Paul-Gordon Chandler In Search of a Prophet
Paul-Gordon Chandler on Kahlil Gibran
Paul-Gordon Chandler on Kahlil Gibran
Paul-Gordon Chandler on Kahlil Gibran
Paul-Gordon Chandler on Kahlil Gibran

Stories from Following in the Footsteps of a Prophet
with Paul-Gordon Chandler

by Dr. Lo Sprague

Saturday, January 20, 2018, turned into a day alive with an energy that burst out into the streets nearby. The Women’s March, echoing the call a year earlier to oppose the denigration and diminishing of our neighbors by the new Administration, brought thousands out onto the sidewalks and into the parkways in cities throughout the world. In Los Angeles, huge crowds gathered within blocks of St. John’s Cathedral, while those within its walls came hoping for strength, insight and sustenance from the stories to be told of a young Lebanese poet whom most already held dear.

Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet, one of the most widely read books in the world, would most certainly have been out in the crowds lifting his voice for the values of compassion and inclusion, concern for the planet, the poor, the marginalized, the young, the old, people of color, students, immigrants, and all those pushed to the sides. These were his values, his struggles and the topic of his writings that are still held close to the heart by millions.

Paul-Gordon Chandler brought us stories from his newest book – In Search of a Prophet: A Spiritual Journey with Kahlil Gibran – the culmination of Chandler’s life spent following Gibran from the poet’s birthplace and early home high in the snowy mountains of Lebanon through Egypt, the United States, and across much of the world. Most of those gathered in the Cathedral already knew the beauty of the poetry but only little of the man who wrote it. It was an afternoon of getting to know a friend, an icon, a prophet and, in Paul-Gordon Chandler, a seeker and knowledgeable story-teller. Most left with a new book, signed and tucked under their arm, that finally brought the poet himself to life.

For those who first viewed and interacted with this event on a live-streamed version, thank you! The streaming was our first ever. We hope you’ll sit back now and enjoy the professionally filmed version.