John Ishvaradas Abdallah

​John Ishvaradas Abdallah (meaning “servant of God” in Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim traditions) is the preferred pen name of Syed Riyaz Mahdi. A speaker and writer and an independent activist Sufi, he is the author of A Sufi’s Ruminations On One World Under God. In addition, he is the Founder and Executive Director of World Without Borders Interfaith Sufi Ashram, which is based on and draws inspiration from the book.

“Sufi John” is passionately involved in interfaith dialogue, conversation, and movement promoting a theology of love, peace, and freedom through active nonviolence. He currently serves on the boards of the Christian-Muslim Consultative Group, Southern California Committee for a Parliament of World’s Religions, South Coast Interfaith Council, and Muslims for Progressive Values Los Angeles chapter.

Speaker: Inspiring Stories: Irreconcilable Differences