From the Jewish Tradition

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Heal me, O LORD, and let me be healed…For You are my glory. (Jeremiah 17:14)


Avinu Malkeinu, Dear God in Heaven, protect our families, our friends and our neighbors as we negotiate these troubled seas in which we find ourselves afloat. Ever mindful of the fact that we are all Your creatures, we turn to You for guidance and for strength as we pray that the public officials charged with bringing us through this crisis be granted wisdom, intelligence, and insight born of compassion and charity. And we pray too that the physicians, nurses, and hospital employees who are on the front lines be spared all distress and disease as they care for the stricken, for the elderly and for the infirm. We pray as well for all whose work puts them in the front lines of contact with a dangerous and contagious virus: our police, fire and emergency personnel and our National Guard, employees of pharmacies and grocery stores and those who deliver needed supplies so others can stay at home, bus drivers, postal workers and so many others who selflessly serve and provide for the needs of the community.  Most of all, we pray that You look with kindness and generosity on us all, and particularly on those already infected for whose recovery we this day ardently pray, as is written in Your holy Torah, “For I, the Almighty, am the source of Your healing.” Amen, may such be Your will!  (Rabbi Martin Cohen)