Sikhism 101

Sikhism was founded upon a reverence for the sanctity of every human being’s spiritual nature and abiding respect for whatever path brings them into relationship with the Holy. Sikhs are known throughout the world for their generous hospitality in feeding the hungry.

The Five Articles of the Sikh faith are often referred to as the Five Ks:

  • kesh (uncut hair), holiness and simplicity
  • kara (steel bracelet) for self-restraint
  • kanga (wooden comb) for a clean mind and body
  • kaccha (a special cotton undergarment), modesty
  • kirpan (a small sword), the obligation to defend oneself and those in poverty and oppression.

The Guibord Center’s 101 Series, beginning with Sikhism, fulfills our mission to challenge our assumptions about Sikhs and introduce these kind, deeply spiritual men and women.

The Presentation

More than fifty people joined Guibord Center Advisors Nirinjan Singh Khalsa and Ravinder Singh Khalsa in this discussion of Sikhism.

Nirinjan, a member of the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, led everyone though an interactive PowerPoint presentation as he answered the framing question:

“What is it about your faith that touches your heart?”

Participants asked thoughtful questions and  gained new respect and awareness of the world’s fifth-largest religion.

Halfway through the program Jacquie Singh Kaur (Ravinder’s wife), along with her family and Khalsa Peace Corps colleagues, shared a delicious sampling of Sikh hospitality with vegan foods the organization regularly serves to those in need on Skid Row and other locations around Los Angeles.