Hinduism 101 with Swami Sarvadevananda

The laughter and delight from the first moments of this workshop provide a clear indication that The Religion 101 Series: Religion from the Heart is going to continue to be a time of warmth as well as wisdom. The Rev. Gwynne Guibord introduces Swami with affection, not only as a greatly respected Hindu leader and member of The Advisory Council, but also as her dear friend whom she has brought here to share Hinduism 101 with all of us.

Swami Sarvadevananda’s smile lights up everything he says. He has cared for the displaced and homeless, brought relief and rehabilitation to those in distress and taught in India and here in the United States. He speaks about the ancient scriptures of the Indian continent, The Vedas, and the philosophy they teach about the true nature of all things being one and divine. God, the underlying reality, exists in every being.

Religion is a search for self-knowledge, a search for God within ourselves.

“Find God. That is the only purpose in life.” Ramakrishna

The “how” of finding God leads to meditation, worship, yoga, self-inquiry and finding God in serving others. These are the tools shared by each of the gifted teachers in this series. We learn not only through the words spoken but through the time spent experiencing these great and gentle men and women who live and lead from the heart.

It is a gift to treasure.

A Sanskrit hymn:

As the different streams
Having their sources in different places
All mingle their waters in the sea,
So O Lord, the different paths which men take
Through various tendencies,
Various though they appear,
Crooked or straight, All lead to thee.
Vedanta teaches respect for all religions.