Conversations from your Spiritual Core

The Guibord Center – an interfaith network of spiritual individuals and communities – believes all human beings have an innate spirituality that guides them and a life story worth listening to. Conversations about challenging issues require us to form meaningful connections by listening carefully to what really matters at the intersection of life experience and a deep sense of inner knowing.  We call this intersection the “spiritual core.”  Listening at this level is the essential first step on the path into a tough conversation and, like a spiral, one we need to return to again and again.  So how can we do this?

Take the first step with “Conversations from Your Spiritual Core.”  This interactive online session can help participants prepare for conversations on challenging current issues. We’ll connect to our spiritual cores through reflection, storytelling, and deep listening.

In a facilitated breakout room, you will reflect on a time when you drew upon the teachings of your wisdom tradition-religious, philosophical or ethical-to navigate a challenging conversation with another person on a current issue.  What gave you confidence in that moment?  What helped to shift the conversation from an impasse to a way forward?

A few volunteers in each room will share their stories, while the other breakout room participants will be given the opportunity to practice specific listening skills to identify feelings, values and the impact of the stories on the speakers and listeners.

Online Conversations are held quarterly and are available to a limited number pf participants at each event. Check our Calendar for the next scheduled event.