Dr. Beth Ribet

Dr. Beth Ribet is the director and cofounder of Repair, a nonprofit that engages in research, education, and advocacy regarding health challenges, health disparities and disabilities resulting from systemic violence, exploitation and inequity. A lecturer in gender studies and disability studies at UCLA, she previously taught at UCLA Law, Columbia University Law, and other institutions. 

Virtually all of Dr. Ribet’s research and teaching includes a focus on the role of subordination, violence and inequity in creating new disabilities, injuries and illnesses among vulnerable populations. She also speaks publicly as a survivor of violence and a person with disabilities. Dr. Ribet earned her doctorate in social relations (sociology and anthropology) from the University of California, Irvine in 2005, and her JD, with a concentration in critical race studies, from UCLA Law in 2009. She based her doctoral dissertation on interviews with Jewish daughters of Holocaust survivors in the United States.

Storyteller, Inspiring Stories: Acknowledging Anger