The Guibord Center’s Annual Fundraising Dinner
…a very special experience

The Guibord Center’s Annual Fundraising Dinner is a magical evening that seeks to provide an experience of the world that could be – the world we at The Center are busy creating. It is also our one fundraising event of the year. The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out began as a statement of hope, a place where people could come together to learn about each other and move beyond their fear. It is rooted in the belief that together we can turn religion inside out to affirm the values of faith: the kindness, integrity, generosity and compassion that enable strangers to become friends.

We have brought forth beloved religious and spiritual teachers and elders, clear-eyed children and passionate youth, faithful devotees and loving families to birth a new definition of community amid dozens of events and programs that have changed minds and hearts and lives.

We have sent these images and ideas out across the world free of charge. And people have glimpsed a new possibility.

Our Annual Fundraising Dinner is an opportunity to share what we do and to ask for your help in continuing to make a difference.

The Dinner is made possible first through the generosity of Citrus Valley Health Partners who provide all of the food and preparation, tables, audiovisual equipment and expertise completely free of charge. We are deeply grateful to them for their generosity and flexibility in preparing a Kindness meal that is vegetarian and vegan and allows our guests to experience an evening where the well-being of animals is taken into consideration as well as the sensibilities of all of our faith communities.

We are deeply grateful to all our sponsors, both corporate and individual.

“Becoming the Mandala”
The Friends of The Guibord Center’s Dinner Celebration 2016

Our third annual fundraising dinner in the midst of the month of Ramadan was all about the Tibetan Buddhists Monks creating “The Mandala of Compassion” and inviting participants to “Become the Mandala” by deliberately coming together to form an evening of peace and compassion. It worked. Everyone had the chance to come to a deeper understanding of the meaning of fasting, of the self-discipline practiced on many levels by our Muslim friends and colleagues.

The conversations flowed. People listened to one another, introduced themselves, made the effort to get to know each other.

Several guests remarked: “EVERYONE was there.” The diversity was joyous.

The Tibetan monks were greeted by the Chinese monks of Hsi Lai Temple and blessed by the Sri Lankan Buddhist monks as well. People were treated to a peek at our new website, viewed a powerful short video about standing up for the positive values of faith and spirituality, and had the pleasure of meeting many of our youth from many different backgrounds.

It was yet another extraordinary event.

The Friends of The Guibord Center’s Dinner Celebration 2015

The sound of the ram’s horn sounded in the balcony signaling the opening of the second annual fundraising dinner. It was met by the sound of a lone conch blower from the Pacific Islands responding from the stage. Across the world and across faiths the sounds were oddly similar and in tune. Buddhist nuns chanting blended with women singing the ancient music of a Christian mystic. Rev. Dr, Guibord brought back greetings from The Carter Center where she had just presented our work on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls across faiths and premiered a new short film.

A number of folks spoke briefly about what the work of The Center means for them and the conversations flowed. And together we remembered one of our own in word and in film, the late Dr. Maher Hathout, founder and advisor to The Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The Friends of The Guibord Center’s Dinner Celebration 2014

The Annual Fundraising Dinner Celebration in 2014 was our first opportunity to share a sampler of what we do. The Dinner was a showcase for The Abrahamic Blessing, opening powerfully with a Cantor, then a Muezzin, followed by a Priest each chanting a blessing that blended together to affirm our oneness beneath our many forms. We premiered our public service announcement: Men of Faith Speak Out featuring fathers and sons speaking out to end violence against women and girls. We also offered the music of an Indigenous flutist, Hindu musicians, and Buddhist nuns chanting closing blessings. There was a mediation and a silent auction and wonderful people of all backgrounds coming together for a unique, fun and meaningful few hours.