Advisors in Action


The Guibord Center’s Advisors are men and women who love their faith and are excited by the opportunity that The Guibord Center offers to share the beauty of their tradition, especially in grappling with the challenges of the real world. They play an active role in planning and presenting the many varied programs that we offer every year.

As well-respected leaders in their own right, it is our advisors themselves who most often teach about basics of their religion or spiritual practice and answer the myriad of questions that both clear up misperceptions and lead to thoughtful comments that frequently deepen everyone’s individual spiritual understanding.

One of the other benefits that The Guibord Center offers our Advisors is the chance to get to know one another better. They laugh together. Engage in spiritual practices together. Take the time to share commonalities and explore differences and to build friendships that strengthen ties in the community.