Great News  – Health Update for the
Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord

We are thrilled and humbled to share with you that after six months of radiation and chemotherapy, the Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord is in full remission: Any visible cancer is gone. She will continue to be in treatment for six months to a year with the less-toxic biologics to assure continued healing.

Gwynne is getting better every day and slowly building up her stamina and strength.

This continues to be a profound journey filled with gratitude for the palpable presence of the Holy, for excellent medical care, and for the best wishes and prayers of neighbors, friends and colleagues the world over. Thank you for your many cards, emails, prayers and gestures of love and support. They have brought great comfort to Gwynne and to all of us.

Our staff under Gwynne’s direction has continued to work valiantly throughout this time to be responsive to all of you and to help to deliver The Guibord Center’s quality programs without interruption.

Our beloved leader returns in full force just in time for three very exciting events coming quickly over the next three months:

“Decoding Rituals and Symbols of Islam” on Saturday, April 9th at The Islamic Center of Southern California with the wonderful Imam Jihad Turk, President of Bayan Claremont, a graduate school designed to educate Muslim scholars. Over 90 people have already signed up to come with many people bringing their friends to join them in learning about Islam first-hand;

“On Different Grounds: Jewish and Christian Biblical Understandings of the Middle East” on Saturday, May 14th with the ever-entertaining, always mind-expanding scholar, Dr. Amy-Jill Levine exploring how those differences might just open a pathway to peace in that troubled land;


“The Guibord Center’s Fundraising Dinner Celebration” on Thursday evening, June 16th, right in the middle of our week -long special presentation of The Mystical Arts of Tibet with The Tibetan Monks of Drepung Loselong Monastery. As well as being our major fundraising event and a time of friendship and fun, the dinner is also our opportunity to showcase the work we have done during the past year and offer a sneak peek at our leader’s compelling vision for the one to come. (We sold out quickly last year.)

Please join us at these events and others – enjoy Gwynne in action once more.



Dr. Lois M. Sprague, Ph.D.
Vice President
The Guibord Center turning Religion Inside Out

The Guibord Center Has Been Turning
Religion Inside Out for the Past 5 Years

5years15years2We have created more than 50 programs with
Dozens of world-class speakers opening our minds;
Exquisite, beautifully produced events opening our hearts;
Dozens of sacred spaces opening their scriptures; and
Powerful, life-changing rituals healing our spirits.
Every event has been free.
Every event has been professionally filmed and photographed
As an electronic affirmation of the best of all of us,
A model, a map, a promise.
Around the world it goes, and where it’s seen … there’s hope for greater understanding and love.

Join us for the next five years.

Sharing the Spirit of the World’s Great Religions
Lectures    Events    Music    Ritual    Community

The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out is a unique, non-profit organization that invites people to experience the transformative spirituality at the center of the word’s great religions. We, in partnership with an advisory council of nearly forty beloved religious and spiritual leaders, present classes, lectures and major community events that give people an opportunity to share in the wisdom and beauty of ancient traditions. 

The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out

In a world rife with violence there is something that calls us to do better, to respect one another, build relationships and create community where peace will flourish. That community begins wherever we gather together. That call comes to us from the heart of all the world’s great spiritual and faith traditions.

The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out was created so people can experience the expression of goodness and peacemaking inside all wisdom traditions. We bring people together to challenge the assumptions that denigrate others in the name of faith. We create opportunities to experience religious signs, symbols and practices first-hand. And we craft beautiful public events that allow people to gather around timely issues of great importance and share in deep healing and joyful celebration.

Yes. The violence has to end. We can do better. And we can begin by learning that faith is not a faith that hurts others. Real faith heals.

Our Mission

To bring people together to challenge assumptions, unleash the Holy and affirm the faith that transforms the world.

 “Curators of Peace – The Work of The Guibord Center”

“It’s not possible for one to say that they love God, or whatever one calls the Holy, and hate another human being or try to do damage to another human being…The Guibord Center was established to confront the distortions that we hold about one another and to uphold that which is good in one another.” -The Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord