Meet The Guibord Center Staff

Terry Opalek

Corporate Liaison
Photo of Terry Opalek

Terry has invested over 30 years of his life in the field of fundraising and membership development.  Through his innovative, positive leadership and direction he played a key role in significantly growing the membership and programs of the Michigan, Illinois and California State Chambers of Commerce.

In 2002, after completing the workshop based on “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, Terry decided it was time to make a change.  He resigned from his impressive career without knowing what was next.  Nine months later, while continuing to utilize the tools and skills he developed in the workshop, he founded Terry’s Toffee, based on his grandmother’s much-loved English Toffee recipe. Terry’s Toffee reached a highly distinctive place in the specialty food arena garnering accolades from coast-to-coast for its award-winning flavors and specialty items, while becoming a sought-after treat at The Academy Awards for 10 years, chosen by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to represent The United States to world leaders at the 2012 NATO Conference, and enjoyed by HRH Queen Elizabeth and other notable dignitaries and celebrities.

After successfully taking his business to these heights, Terry felt it was time for the next leap.  Relying on the Faith that has been an integral part of his life since childhood, he sold the business in 2015, to begin co-facilitating transformational and deeply impactful workshops with his husband and partner, Michael Frontier.

Terry joins The Guibord Center team as a full-circle decision that allows him to bring these many life experiences and skills to The Guibord Center with the intention of creating a solid base of support from individuals and businesses to help create positive change in our world.