Dr. Rini Ghosh Ph.D.

Photo of Dr. Rini Ghosh Ph.D.

Rini Ghosh was born and educated in India. Her Phd is on “T.B. Macaulay’s Minute: Formalization of English Education in India”. She has been in USA for over 35 years running her own business in California.

Rini has been a Peace and Non-violence Activist – a steadfast follower of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi from a very young age. She is a firm believer and passionately promotes interfaith co-operation. She has given lectures and speeches all over the world promoting peace, non-violence and inter-faith activities. She is on the Board of Directors of several philanthropic institutions: President of Vedanta International Cultural Center (VICC);  On the board of Trustees of The Vedanta Society of Southern California; Director and Parliamentarian of the United Nations Asssociation, Pacific-Los Angeles Chapter; Past President of South Coast Interfaith Council. 2009; Past Executive Council member of Dakshini Bengali Association. 2010-2011.

March 2013 Rini Ghosh and Vedanta International Cultural Center (VICC) was honored by the Urban Community Outreach Center in Long Beach for inspirational service/seva to the homeless community in Long Beach. November 2011 she was awarded the Interfaith Unity Award by the South Coast Interfaith Council, honoring her for outstanding activities in the interfaith field. She received The Ambassador for Peace title from UPF in 2008.