Dr. Maher Hathout 1936 – 2015

Photo of Dr. Maher Hathout 1936 – 2015

In Memorium: Dr. Maher Hathout was a leading spokesperson for the American Muslim community, a retired physician best known for his tireless commitment to public service. He was an international figure who was highly regarded as a positive voice of Islam, offering a unique and valuable perspective on national and international issues involving Muslims. Among the numerous offices he held, Dr. Hathout was the Senior Advisor for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) . He was a Charter Member of the Pacific Council on International Policy, the western partner of the Council on Foreign Relations, and sat on the Board of Directors of the Interfaith Alliance. Dr. Hathout was  invited to Capitol Hill and the State Department several times to address a variety of topics such as “Islam and U.S. Policy,” “Islamic Democracy,” “Emerging Trends in Islamic Movements,” and “the Future of the Middle East.” He traveled to Australia, Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, and South Africa to lecture on Islam and Muslims. Dr. Hathout wrote extensively on Islam, human rights, democracy, Middle East politics, and Bosnia. His articles and interviews appeared in such prominent newspapers as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Christian Science Monitor. He appeared frequently on national television and radio talk shows.


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