The Presentation of the Saplings
to the Children of Faith Communities

Trees are a symbol of Life and of Hope. We present them to these children of many faith traditions who have come into the world after the events of September 11, 2001, as an outward offering of our bond of solidarity and peace with one another that is rooted in the sanctity of our common humanity.

Dr. Guibord presented these special saplings which grow over six feet a year to the children to plant in their faith communities. As the saplings were watered from a pitcher dipped in the cistern filled by each of the Presenters the following prayer was said by all.

The Watering of the Saplings

We pray that our tears of grief and loss can transform into the water of wisdom and compassion that will flow abundantly and nurture the spirit of peace and reconciliation for all the children of the earth.

Description of the Plaques

Plaques commemorating this service were also given to each of the children to take back to their community of faith as an additional symbol of our unity in times of trial and times of hope as well.

As the children stood holding their saplings, Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels came forward with his guitar to sing them a blessing he had just written for this occasion: “The Archer and The Bow”.