Public Service Announcement
“I Stand for Animals”
ANIMA:  Animals. Faith. Compassion.

Leaders from 12 different faith traditions have come together to speak out for animals in the hope that doing so will help to put an end to cruelty towards our sacred fellow beings.

It’s time to stop the violence.
Animals do have souls and feelings – just like we do.

The Guibord Center has created this one-minute Public Service Announcement as an educational tool to use wherever there is time-limited discussion about how we humans are to treat animals.

This PSA is down-loadable and is accompanied by a handout that lists all of the participants and their religious communities involved. ANIMA: Animals. Faith. Compassion. is the full 12 minute short film featuring 26 different faith leaders.


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We are grateful to all who participated in this PSA

  • The Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord, The Guibord Center
  • Edina Lekovic, The Islamic Center of  So. California
  • The Very Rev. Canon Daniel Ade, St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral
  • Maneck Bhujwala California Zoroastrian Center
  • Sam Bearpaw, Apache and White Mountain Apache Nation
  • Saginaw Grant, Elder, Sac and Fox, Iowa and Otoe-Missoura Nation
  • Nirinjan Singh Khalsa, Guru Ram Das Ashram
  • Dr. RIni Ghosh, Vedanta Society of So. California
  • Kush Shah, Jain Center of So. California
  • Rabbi Suzanne Singer, Temple Beth El, Riverside
  • Ven. Miao Hsi, Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple
  • Salam Al-Marayarti, Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • Sura Das, International Society of Krishna Consciousness
  • Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Temple Beth Shir Shalom, Santa Monica, CA
  • Randolph Dobbs, The Baha’i Center of So. California
  • BK Sr. Vinothini Sivasamy, Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center
  • Prashant Shah, The Jain Center of So. California
  • Swami Sarvadevananda, The Vedanta Society of So. California
  • Ami C. Shah, The Jain Center of So. California