The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out is a unique, non-profit organization that invites people to experience the transformative spirituality at the center of the world’s great religions. In partnership with an Advisory Council of nearly forty beloved religious and spiritual leaders we present classes, lectures and major community events that give people an immersive opportunity to share in the wisdom and beauty of ancient traditions.

We are a place where people come to understand each other within the cultural, spiritual and religious diversity of a large urban city such as Los Angeles. People come to participate in rituals and traditions engaging them with their neighbors and connecting them with the Holy in a life-changing way. The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out invites people to find the knowledge, inspiration, warmth and community-building that every religion – at its core – truly represents.

About The Guibord Center

What We Do

Our Religion 101 SeriesReligion from the Heart is an engaging and intimate format that allows attendees to listen, learn and ask questions of religious leaders from the world’s major faiths. Our Sacred Texts in Sacred Places series, an extension of Religion 101, brings participants inside Los Angeles’ houses of worship to experience scriptures and spiritual practices first-hand.

The Guibord Center’s Special Speaker Series provides lectures by world-class speakers like Brian Mclaren, Steven Charleston, Joshua Dubois, Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, Sister Joan Chittister, Philip Goldberg, Pastor Chip Murray and others. They address topics ranging from spirituality and the environment, gospel politics, the Bible, women and violence, faith and The President, Indian spirituality and the West, and other cutting-edge aspects of our religious and spiritual traditions. Every speaker brings a fresh and thoughtful perspective to the topic of faith, hope, spirituality and community.

Major Community Events. These are The Guibord Center’s flagship events, held at the beautiful and historic St. John’s Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles, where leaders of many faiths join together and address pressing issues. Past examples include:

  • Breaking the Barriers: An introduction to the power of Los Angeles’ diverse faith family – coming together in solidarity to offer their many forms of story and blessing while we celebrated the opening of The Guibord Center.
  • Out of Darkness into Light: A concert featuring the Yuval Ron Ensemble, and based on the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which brought together local religious leaders and musicians from throughout the Eastern traditions to provide an evening of sacred song, whirling, and a gathering of food and supplies for the poor and hungry in Los Angeles.
  • Finding Hope In The Holy: The faith communities’ very moving inter-generational service in response to the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.
  • In The Beginning: The great creation stories told by a broad spectrum of religions and cultures – through word, music, dance and theatre.
  • Saving Grace: Religious leaders coming together to confront misogyny in scripture and then beginning the process of healing the pervasive violence against women by using story telling, dance and ritual.

These signature events are all known for their stirring music, rich visuals, and thoughtful presentation – qualities that are rare – even in our City of Angels.